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Market and social research provides information on the behaviour, needs, attitudes, opinions and motivations of a population. Armed with this knowledge, businesses are able to develop products and services to meet the desires of their customers and governments can tailor policies and programs to the needs of citizens. Also, important national statistics on tobacco use, television ratings, tourism movements, unemployment and so on can be reliably determined.
We are a Market Research agency established in 2001, McNair yellowSquares is a leader in best practice interviewing and respondent contact in Australia.   We specialise in multicultural and multilingual research in Australia. We have years of experience in the Market Research industry and our research experience goes back to the 1930s, when the McNair Survey provided Australia’s first radio audience ratings.

We have been conducting research amongst Indigenous Australians and Torres Strait Islanders for over seven years and employ Indigenous Australians as part of our interviewing team. We set up SurveyMob to give Indigenous Australians and Torres Strait Islanders a voice and make their views count.

You can check our credentials by contacting AMSRS (Australian Market and Social Research Society) on 1300 364 830

Participating in surveys:

  • Is fun – you are asked to give opinions about a variety things;
  • Is interesting – it gets you thinking about things;
  • Helps companies improve products and services for you as their customer;
  • Helps formulate public policy so that better services can be provided for you.
  • Online surveys
  • These will be the standard surveys you receive and you can complete them online using your standard web browser on your computer, tablet or phone. You must have an Internet connection available to complete these surveys. Occasionally you may be required to have sound and the ability to play video. Online surveys can take anywhere from 2 to 30 mins and your account will be credited with the appropriate amount.

  • Telephone Research
  • Telephone research requires a telephone interviewer to call you at a time and at a number convenient to you. Telephone interviews can last any duration between 2 and 40 mins and your account will be credited with the appropriate amount.

  • Group discussions
  • You will first receive a short online survey to assess your eligibility. If you qualify you would be required to attend a group discussion at a venue in your local area. Group discussions generally have 6 to 8 other people present along with a moderator. Group discussions are like an informal chat around a table. Usually drinks and a snack are supplied. In some cases group discussion may be recorded on video and/or audio. Payment can vary but is often between $60 and $120 for 1-2 hours of your time.

  • In-depth personal interview
  • You will first receive a short online survey to assess your eligibility. If you qualify you will then be required to have an interviewer meet with you at your home or another arranged meeting point. In-depth personal interviews are like an informal chat lasting from 20 mins – 1.5 hours. In some cases these interviews may be recorded on video and/or audio. Payment can vary but is often between $30 and $150 depending on the length of the interview.

    It is illegal to pretend to be doing market research if the real purpose of the call is telemarketing. Anyone caught doing this can be penalised under the Trade Practices Act.
    No, market and social research companies are not permitted to sell anything or pass your information on to clients or other organisations.
    No. McNair yellowSquares does not collect information from other sources, such as the Internet. Any information we collect has either been provided by our clients in order to contact you (as described below) or is information that you have told us yourself.
    Absolutely confidential! Market and social research companies are bound by the Privacy Act, and there are severe penalties for breaching your privacy. Although the interviewer is likely to ask personal questions such as your age or your income, research companies are only allowed to keep and use this data for statistical purposes.
    Both our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions are available for you to view at any time under the Legal Information tab at the top of your profile page or in any online survey invite you receive. When you ‘sign up’ to SurveyMob you have to agree to both policies. Where it asks you to do so you can click on either of these to view their contents.
    Click here to see a list of registered research organisations. You can also call the Market and Social Research Surveyline and speak with a customer support person on 1300 364 830.
    No, you don’t, but most surveys are short, interesting, and for the benefit of consumers generally, so you are strongly encouraged to participate. You will find the interviewers are always well-mannered, and you will enjoy the experience. If you clearly and politely decline to participate in a survey, the interviewer will always accept your final decision.
    Market and social research calls can be made between 9 am and 8:30 pm Monday to Friday, and 9 am to 5 pm on weekends. Researchers may call at other times, but only with your permission, such as if they called in the early evening, and you arranged for them to call back later that night.
    Sign up is quick and easy and should take at most two minutes. Once you have signed up we ask that you complete your profile. This provides us with information to match you to relevant surveys. We email you directly when we have a survey to save you the hassle of checking your account.
    In order to keep SurveyMob a trusted and respected source of market research data for our clients, it’s important that we validate and authenticate each member’s account. This ensures fraudulent and duplicate accounts are removed. We have enabled an SMS verification system, similar to the ones you may use on secure online banking websites. We only use this form of verification if you have provided us with your mobile number.
    If you have not provided your mobile number, you will still get all your surveys as normal without interruption. However, if you have provided a mobile number, when you login to your account you can request the SMS verification code that will be sent to the provided mobile number. The SMS can take a couple of minutes to be received and does not expire. Simply place this number into the verification box and your account will be authenticated. PLEASE NOTE – THE SYSTEM WILL ONLY ACCEPT ONE MOBILE PHONE NUMBER. IF THE MOBILE PHONE NUMBER IS ALREADY IN THE SYSTEM YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO USE IT ON ANOTHER ACCOUNT.
    This can depend on how up-to-date and accurate your profile information is. To ensure you are selected for the most amount of surveys please maintain and update where relevant your profile information to ensure you are included on all surveys that may be relevant to you.
    At SurveyMob, we will email or call you when survey opportunities arise and depending on the length of the survey you could earn between $1 and $20 for those you qualify for and complete, and sometimes even more for other research activity. If you attempt a survey and don’t qualify you will be rewarded with $0.10.

    We award $1 credit for every 5 minutes of a survey you qualify for and complete. For example, if it’s a 25-minute survey you receive $5 credit. Once you earn $20 credit (or keep going up as much as you want!) you can begin redeeming for gift vouchers.

    The survey invite will contain how much the survey is worth. It is also important to remember that genuine market research participation should not be a form of income, but merely a ‘hobby’ for which we thank you with a variety of incentives.

    When you have enough credit you can redeem your credit for a Flexi eGift Card via GiftPay our electronic Gift Card supplier. Details of these are found either on the main homepage of or otherwise you can look under ‘View Offers’ on your member profile page. You will be able to see offers for Giftpay ranging from $5 – $100. You will process your redemption, you will click on the card amount you want, once you confirm that this is the amount you want then you simply do nothing but wait for the emailed gift card.
    GiftPay is our electronic gift card supplier. A Flexi eGift Card is an electronic gift card that lets you choose where you’d like to shop! In the past if you were given a gift card for a particular shop but didn’t want to buy anything from that shop, you were stuck. But now with a Flexi eGift Card, you get to choose at which shop you want to spend your gift.

    What’s more, you may be able to split your Flexi eGift Card and spend it at different shops! For example, if you have a $40 Flexi eGift Card, you could choose to split it up into a $20 Myer eGift Card and a $20 iTunes eGift Card.

    For more information about how it works and what retailers are on board, just click here.

    As you will see they are offering gift cards from many of Australia’s most popular retailers.

    We can offer a physical $50 and $100 VISA which you can redeem. These will cost you $57 and $107 respectively (includes the activation charge plus handling, activation and postage). Please allow 20 working days for processing.
    It’s easy. If you are enjoying us here at SurveyMob we just ask that you tell your friends and get them on board. As a thank you we will reward you when they join up and start taking part in surveys. For full details regarding how this system works you can view the ‘Refer a Friend’ box on your homepage.
    Completing your profile is easy and you can always update the information anytime you want by logging into your account. You can change your address, email address or contact numbers by logging into your account and clicking on the ‘Settings’ tab at the top of your homepage.
    You can leave SurveyMob at anytime. Due to privacy and security regulations we require you to unsubscribe yourself. This is easy and can be done two ways:

    1. Login to SurveyMob and on your profile homepage click on ‘Settings’ – here you will find simple instructions on how to unsubscribe.
    2. If you have received a survey the message invite will also provide you with an option to unsubscribe. Simply click and follow the steps.
    If you have forgotten your password then you will need to click on the Forgotten Password link next to the login boxes. This will then generate an email – simply follow the instructions and this will allow you to login to your account.
    It is best to complain directly to us here at McNair yellowSquares or SurveyMob. If you are still not satisfied you can always call the industry surveyline on 1300 364 830. Please keep in mind that it is our policy to respond within 2 business days and we operate between business hours regarding enquiries.
    Complete the contact us form here and someone will be in touch right away.
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